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Aeronautical Engineering: Know the Rocket Science Better

“Ships and sails proper for the heavenly air should be fashioned. Then there will also be people, who do not shrink from the dreary vastness of space”.

-Johannes Kepler

Aeronautical Engineering: Know the Rocket Science Better

Aeronautical engineering: Know the Rocket Science Better

Is it something related to airplanes?                                          

What does an aeronautical engineering do?

Some basic yet common layman questions that might strike your mind when you come across this trade of engineering. Not your fault, the field of engineering has been dominated by prominent alternatives like Electronics, Information technology, Mechanical sciences and Civil engineering since long back in the past. But, even with these fields having a proliferated growth, Aeronautical engineering stands as an option with immense opportunities, provided that you have the flair and right competencies to excel.

Pioneered by Werner von Braun during World War 2, this field of engineering is primarily concerned with design, development, and construction and testing of various aircrafts and space crafts. An engineer working in this field develops new technologies for use in aviation, defense system and space exploration, specializing in areas like structural design, guidance, navigation and control or production methods.


What will you know as an aeronautical engineer?     

Having decided to enter this field of engineering sciences, you’ll come across various subjects and parts of aeronautics which will entice you to the core. Let’s have look at the most prominent ones in the list mentioned below.

  • Astrodynamics: Herein you’ll study about things like orbital mechanics which are taught by various schools and universities at the undergraduate level in conjunction with their Engineering Physics department.
  • Aircraft Structures: Conceptual knowledge of designing of the physical configuration of the craft to withstand the pressure during flight is imparted in this subject. It’s prime motive is to keep the structure light in weight.
  • Aeroelasticity: This part deals with the interaction between various aerodynamic forces and the structural flexibility and agility which causes situations like fluttering or divergence in the flight of the structure.
  • Avionics: This field of aeronautics deals with designing and programming of computer systems on an aircraft along with the simulation of various systems.
  • Aeroacoustics and Noise Control: Knowledge of this subject will make you gain prowess in the field of noise generation due to aerodynamic forces interacting with the structural surface.

What are the possible employment prospects?

Before proceeding further, it is quite imperative to answer a question that might be bothering you all this while.

How does an aeronautical engineer earn his bread and butter?

Again, a layman yet significant question which needs to be answered beforehand. The discussion to follow will talk about the same.

  • Sources suggest, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is required for almost all kinds of entry-level jobs in this field of engineering. A degree in Physical science or Mathematics might also earn you a qualification to secure a job as an aeronautical engineer in any organization.
  • A degree in Mechanical engineering is generally the most preferred one, in case you want to be recruited in the production/manufacturing, designing or development of aircrafts department in this field.


There are various posts an aerospace engineer finds in the industry:


  1. Development Engineer: A development engineer applies various inferences drawn by the extensive research in this field to develop new or improved products or production processes.
  2. Analytical Engineer: Conducts an in-depth evaluation of the proposed products and assesses whether the design proposed meets the market requirements.
  3. Design Engineer: Building on the concept of a working model, a design engineer has the responsibility to create a design that meets the industrial standards and is economical to manufacture.
  4. Project Engineer: A project engineer has the responsibility of Planning, directing and coordinating various activities of an organization’s project.
  5. Sales Engineer: Contacting various customers and making sales presentations to demonstrate the products utility are the foremost tasks carried out by a Sales engineer.
  • There are various Employers like Deloitte consulting, Boeing, Honeywell, Indian airlines, Aero systems engineering, BAE systems etc. which employee the candidates with desired skills in the field of Aerospace engineering.
  • You can also find an opportunity to serve the Indian armed forces like Indian Air force, Army and Navy being an engineer in this field. The process includes a written test (AFCAT or CDS) followed by a 5day selection process (SSB).
  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) also provides employment to aerospace engineers in the field of research, design and development of various aircrafts and space shuttles. Right from the post of a Scientist to an administrative officer, job opportunities in this organization are immense if you possess the right talent in this field.

The points listed above clearly suggest the presence of abundant job alternatives in this technical sphere. Success depends on right choices being made at the right point of time. Research well and settle for a job that suits you the most.


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