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How to Find Best Coaching Centre for IIT JEE Preparation

Most of you might be thinking why the article is titled as “How to Find Best Coaching Centre for IIT JEE Main/Advanced Preparation “instead of” Best Coaching Centre for IIT JEE Main/Advanced Preparation. Well most of the students dream for studying among the top engineering college of India that are IITs, NITs etc.

And for the preparation of engineering entrance exam many of the them search for coaching centres and enroll into 1 year, 2 year, 3 year or even 4 year coaching plan according to their will.

But the most difficult decision is to select a coaching centre as all the coaching institute show that they are the best.

According to me the question should be “What kind of Environment for study would be best for me and in return to that which Coaching centre would provide me the same. Parents as well as students take extreme pressure to find a coaching centre but before searching has any of you asked that “will this be the best coaching centre for me??” I think No!! Let me clear, suppose IIT JEE Advanced 2014 topper is from a coaching

I think No!! Let me clear, suppose IIT JEE Advanced 2014 topper is from a coaching centre named ‘X’ but are you sure that that “X” coaching centre will be good for your child/you?? X is best for the topper doesn’t mean that that will be best for you also.

When you land up in the area of IIT JEE Coaching you will find countless coaching centres.  In Kālu Sarai (Delhi) there are around 85+ coaching centre within 1 KM of range.  What most of the parents and students do is that they got impressed by

  • The pamphlet offered by the Institute
  • The scholarship offered by the Institute
  • The face to face talk with receptionist.
  • The Big Banner of Student qualified for JEE.
  • The Fee Structure and many other things too.

Now many question would arises in your mind.  So here is my experience of 3 years in front of you which give answer to your entire questions.

When I DE boarded the metro at Hauz Khas i went to this place called Kalu Sarai in search for coaching centre. And when i reach that area i saw many parents with their children are also searching for the same. Then

Then i found some of the people asking “iit ki coacing ke liye aaye ho” and when someone reply “yes” then what they did was that they took them to the their coaching centre. And when someone says “nhi nhi hum khud dekh lenge” then they reply in a melody voice “sir g dekhne mai kya jaa rha hai”. I also faced the same and then

I also faced the same and then i was taken to one of the coaching institute. There i met the receptionist and she told me that this is one of the best coaching institute for IIT JEE we have best faculty of Kalu Sarai, our success rate is increasing per year, we conduct test series for students, we conduct separate doubt session, we even support the student emotionally.

After visiting so many institutes i found the same wordings. Than i saw big boards in front of various institute for the students who qualified for JEE. At the end of the day what i get to know that it’s really hard to find best coaching centre for my preparation. Than

Than i took admission in one of the coaching institute. After some months i found out that the people who are stopping parents and asking “IIT ki coaching ke bare mai puchne aaye ho” are actually paid. They get 500 rs for every student admission. I am not saying that only

I am not saying that only kalu sarai(Delhi) institutes are following this trick later i get to know from my friend that this is the same case in Kota also. After some months one of my friend left his institute and the reason is “even after having a brilliant faculty he is not able to understand anything in class because of large number of student in his batch”.

What I learned in these years

  • Coaching centre is more a business centre than studying centre.
  • No coaching centre focus on each and every student of the batch. They only focus on those students who give them a better rank in JEE Exam.
  • An average student (almost 85% of students are average) have to make his/her own efforts to crack IIT. He/she needs to know how to use the faculty, how to be smart in all the things.

Best Coaching Centre For IIT JEE Preparation


Find Best Coaching Centre For IIT JEE Preparation

So now the main answer is “How to find the best coaching centre”. Through my experience i have shared some of the points which will help you. I can’t guarantee you that you will find the best institute but i can assure you that you will end up with a better institute because only a student can make the institute best for him.

1.) Convenient 

Try to select that institute which is convenient to you i.e. which is near to your house. As most of the students waste their most of the time in traveling and they also need to attend the school. In the end, they are too much tired to do self-study. So go with that coaching institute which is near to you as self-study is the most important to crack JEE exam.

2.) Face to Face Talk with Students

Most of you will meet the receptionist first in order to know about coaching classes but i recommend you to talk to the students also of that batch in which you are going to take admission. Ask them about the faculty, test series, if the faculty give full support or not, if the teachers are cooperative or not. Some students have a good catching power and understand the things easily but there are students who take time. Coaching class which is capable to give focus on each and every student, which can conduct extra class/doubt session for any topic which is hard to understand, in which teachers give personal support like phone support, email support etc that can be better for you.

3.) Test Series

It is well said that “Practice makes a man perfect” thus only theory classes does not guarantees success in IIT JEE Exam. Try to find out a coaching centre which conducts regular tests for students that may be weekly or monthly. It will not only strengthen the concept but also give confidence.

4.) Faculty Impression

Faculty also have a major role in the growth of student. Select that coaching centre in which faculty of all subjects namely maths, physics and chemistry are available. It is even better if there are 2 or more teacher of each and every subject so that one teacher is always available for student’s doubt, queries. Also the experience of teachers matters a lot. If the teacher have a good experience of teaching than it will be fruitful for the students only. Experienced teachers know about the topics which are asked frequently in JEE exam in which he/she have to focus more. I have a teacher of chemistry named R.K Chaudhary with more than 37 years of experience who knows about the important topics of each and every chapter and his experience helped the students of my batch a lot.

5.) Max. No of % Success in Exam

Let me explain this point. Suppose in the Xth year(previous year) 5 lakh students gave IIT JEE Exam (both main and advanced ) and 10 thousands of them get a seat in IIT JEE than it means that for every 50 student’s only one get a seat in IIT. And you have a coaching centre with total of 1000 students and out of which 15 cleared IIT Exam in Xth year and got a seat in IIT then it means that particular coaching centre is capable of producing one IITian out of every 66 students which is near to selection of one student out of 50. Than this coaching centre has a good efficiency and can be considered as a good coaching centre for your preparation. In simple words it really doesn’t matter how many students from a particular institute clear IIT JEE exam but the thing that matter is out of total students how many students clear the exam. So this is how you can select a good coaching centre.

These are the five points which I have shared in this article which will help you to find one of the best coaching centre for your IIT JEE and other engineering competitive exam like BITSAT, WBJEE etc Preparation. If you have any query than fell free to ask via comment. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Don’t forget to share the article among your friends and others to help them. Good Luck 🙂

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