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Best Way to Study Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE and Other Competitive Examination

Most students must be fighting with Organic Chemistry and the same story was with me when I was preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE, BITSAT. Here, in this article I would try to help you out to overcome the fear of organic chemistry. Frankly speaking, when I was in my 11th class I began to hate very moment  of Organic Chemistry class because I never understood even a single chapter. After completing my 10th I took admission in one of the best coaching center  for preparing competitive exams.  I skipped my organic chemistry basics class but in my 12th class when I got serious with my studies  I studied the entire Organic Chemistry by myself and did well more than my expectations in boards and as well as in competitive exams.

If anyone of you going through the same problem than this article can help you. The article is lengthy but you will surely find the solution of your question. I have discussed in my previous article that “How Chemistry is the best scoring Subject in Exams”. The most conceptual part of chemistry is ‘Organic Chemistry’ and to score well in Organic Chemistry part your basics must be strong.

The article is for both the categories of students i.e. those who are going to start their preparation and those who are in the middle of their preparation.

Best Way to Study Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE


Best Way to Study Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE and Other Competitive Examination :-

Going to Start Their Preparation:-

If you going to take admission in coaching classes or began your coaching session than all you need to do is don’t skip any organic chemistry class. After your Organic Chemistry class just go through the notes and solve as many question related to topic. If you go parallel with your classes than only you have a strong grip over Organic Chemistry otherwise it’s very much difficult to cop up with the syllabus and you will end up with tension and frustration.

And if you are doing self-study than further read this article for the answer.

In Middle of your Preparation:-

I know that most of you are into your middle of preparation. Frankly speaking guys if you don’t know even the basics of Organic Chemistry than also you can score well. When I start my preparation for Organic Chemistry I was same like you i.e. in the middle of my preparation and only 7-8 months are left for my IIT JEE Exam. What I did was “Self Study” because it is not possible for any teacher to sit with you and teach you the entire Organic Chemistry.  Here I am sharing my preparation schedule. I have explained each and everything via points:-

  • The First thing I did was that I got NCERT Organic Chemistry Books for class 11 and class 12. In class 11th book you will find all the basics without that you can’t study class 12th organic chemistry.
  • After that I study the first chapter of Organic Chemistry from class 11th Book and in case of any doubt I Google’d it or took help from my teacher.
  • After clearing the concept I solve the Intext question of NCERT.
  • As you know ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Therefore for further practice I refer you to practice this book named “Pradeep’s Chemistry”. The book is not much popular for IIT JEE Preparation but frankly speaking through this book only i gained confidence in Organic Chemistry. The book features many question related to any single chapter which helped me to clear the concepts even better. And the best part about it is that its exercise has almost all the conceptual questions asked in other competitive exams like WB JEE, BCECE, SMUDE and other engineering competitive exams.
  • After completing the chapter from “Pradeep’s Chemistry” i solved previous 10 years question of IIT JEE.
  • I repeated the whole procedure with each and every chapter of Organic Chemistry.
  • And in the end i end up doing well in exams.

If you are inspired by the way i overcome the fear of Organic chemistry and want to follow the same than here are some tips for you.

  • When you are studying any chapter for the first time from your NCERT Book you will hardly understand (this can be the case with most of the students). So the solution is teacher. You can take help from your teacher regarding your doubts and the best way to understand the concept is through YouTube Videos. It is scientifically proved that the things that we see remains in our brain for a long time than the things we read.
  • As you are beginner so don’t follow any good standard book or high level book of Organic chemistry. Because if you are not able to solve the question from standard or high level books than your confidence level will go down. And in order to prepare for any competitive exam motivation and confidence plays a major role. After NCERT i tried to solve the question from my coaching booklet but failed to solve 60% of the question and at that point of time i lose all my confidence than i see a friend having “Pradeep’s Chemistry” and i borrowed it for one day and that one day could be considered as a turning point for my preparation. I left all other reference book and start doing preparation from the book.
  • What i recommend is “Pradeep’s Chemistry for Class 11th and 12th” which is the best book i came to know for Organic Chemistry part.
  • The most important thing is that study Organic Chemistry on regular basis. Take out at least 45-60 minutes from your schedule for this.

If you are looking for Pardeep’s Chemistry New Course Book than you can also purchase it online from here –>

You can also read about the reviews of students preparing for competitive exam using these books. Here is the screenshot of the reviews :-Best Way to Study Organic Chemistry Best Way to Study Organic Chemistry

So dear mates this is all about How I overcome the fear of Organic Chemistry or the best way to study organic chemistry. If you have any type of query related to any topic than fell free to ask via comments. I would love to reply them as soon as possible. Good luck for your preparation 🙂

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  1. Sir,I don’t know even the basics of organic chemistry and I’m not going to any coaching also I’m getting problem in learning general organic chemistry from ncert
    Plz give me some advice and name
    of books that can help me to learn class 11th as well as 12th organic chemistry

    • Hello Prince
      As I discussed in the article, I faced the same situation like you while I was preparing for JEE Exam. I clearly mentioned in the article that I found “Pradeep’s Chemistry for Class 11th and 12th” the best book for me for my Organic Chemistry preparation and I recommend you this book as well. It is my request to go through the article once again to find the answer of all your queries related to the preparation of Organic Chemistry.

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