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Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions to Intext Questions | Chapter 4

Chemical Kinetics is fourth chapter of NCERT Chemistry class 12th Book. And is also one of the important chapter for examination point of view. If you are preparing for Boards Exams, IIT JEE or for any competitive exam than don’t miss this chapter. If you look into the previous years IIT JEE question  of Chemistry than you will find at least one question of Chemical Kinetics which is simply based on formula and observation. Let us take an example from IIT JEE Chemistry 2011 Chemistry Paper 2 and one from JEE Main 2014 Chemistry Question Paper.

Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions

This is the question that appear in 2011 question paper of chemistry that contain 4 marks and if we look into the solution it totally depend on formula and observation. If you have a clear concept than you will easily solve any type of question regarding Chemical Kinetics. Let see second example

Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions


This is the question of 2014 JEE Main exam of chemistry that contain 4 marks.  And the solution is totally depend on formula. And in future you will surely find a question from this chapter in IIT JEE Exam or any other competitive exam. So i recommend you not to skip this chapter if you are preparing for your boards or any engineering competitive.

The best way to study chemistry for any type of exam is firstly from your NCERT Text Book. Solve your NCERT book first which also have some good and conceptual question. By completing your NCERT you will be prepared for your board exam. To help you out further I have uploaded the solution of each and every intext question of Chemical Kinetics. You can take help. Also you can download the solution as the solutions are in image and video format. Just click on the link shared below and you will find the solution in image format numbering from 1 to 52. The solution series starts from page 1 and chapter ends on page 52. Also note that in order to watch the solution YouTube video do watch in high quality for better clarity.


Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions 

Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions

Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solution Video


Tips :- 

  • I have already discussed about the importance of Chemical Kinetics in the introduction part. So you can easily add 3/4 marks to your score by doing chemical Kinetics.
  • There is no need to follow too many books for your preparation. Firstly solve NCERT+ Secondly any good Reference Book+ Previous year questions of boards, IIT JEE and other competitive exam. And if you are taking any coaching classes than you can also go through the text book of chemistry provided by your coaching centre. Books given by coaching center contain question from previous year engineering competitive exams only.
  • If you are confused about a good reference book of chemistry than wait i will update an article regarding Best Books of Chemistry for IIT JEE/Competitive Exam preparation.
  • I have also repeated this point in my earlier article also that most of the students study theory a lot but don’t practice question. Yes, IIT JEE and any competitive exam is about concept but reading only theory doesn’t guarantee you score. So practice question after reading any concept as “Practice makes an man perfect”.
  •  If you look into the profile of toppers of any competitive exam like IIT JEE Main, Advanced, BITSAT than they all have one thing in common is that most of them have good scores in chemistry. Chemistry is known to be the best scoring subject also it saves a lot of your time during examination. You can solve the problems of chemistry within seconds if you know the concept which will saves your time for further question. So take chemistry seriously from your examination point of view.

I will be adding more tips regarding Chemical Kinetics chapter in future also to the best of my knowledge. Please do help your friends and mates regarding Chemical Kinetics NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions which are provided above. Feel free to share the article on social networking platform. Also if you have any type of question, query regarding preparation and exams than ask me via comments. I would love to answer them.


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