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Electrochemistry NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solution to Intext Questions

Electrochemistry is the third chapter of NCERT Class 12 Chemistry and is yet another very much important chapter for boards, IIT JEE Main, IIT JEE Advanced and other competitive examination point of view. The very first step towards your preparation for IIT JEE or Other competitive exam is NCERT Text Book. First solve NCERT Chemistry and then only refer to any other good book for your preparation. Most of you might be searching for the solution to Intext Question of Electrochemistry chapter and here we have all the answers to NCERT Intext question explained clearly with the help of Images and a YouTube Video.

All you need to do is just click on the below link and you will find the solutions through image format. There are total of 37 images which have the answers to all Intext question asked in NCERT. You can also download the images with just a right click. A YouTube Video is also designed and uploaded on EngineeringFunday YouTube Channel for our readers. We suggest you to watch the video in High Quality for better understanding.

Electrochemistry NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solution


Electrochemistry NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solution

Electrochemistry NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solution YouTube Video


  • If we look at the last 5 years question paper of IIT we found that there was at least one question from Electrochemistry chapter. This shows that Electrochemistry is an important chapter and you will surely find a question in your IIT JEE Exam from this chapter. Have a look at the question asked in IIT JEE Main 2015 carrying 4 marks.

Electrochemistry NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solution

The answer to the above question is totally depends on concept. It does not require any manipulation and calculation which simply shows that IIT focus on concept rather than calculation as far as chemistry part is concerned. So don’t take Electrochemistry chapter lightly as it is also important from your board point of view.

  • The chapter requires understanding rather than learning so focus during your lecture.
  • The best way to study any chapter which most of the student follow is first complete the chapter from NCERT Text Book then from any good reference book followed by your coaching centre booklet and then from previous years question asked in IIT JEE Exam.
  • If you look into the profile of toppers of any competitive exam like IIT JEE Main, Advanced, BITSAT than they all have one thing in common is that most of them have good scores in chemistry. Chemistry is known to be the best scoring subject also it saves a lot of your time during examination. You can solve the problems of chemistry within seconds if you know the concept which will saves your time for further question. So take chemistry seriously from your examination point of view.

This is all about Electrochemistry NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Solution also have a look at the NCERT Other Chapters Solution. I will be adding more tips to the best of my knowledge and experience in future. Do share the article on various platforms with your friends and mates. Feel free to ask your query/problem in comments. Till then wait for my upcoming article. Good Luck 🙂

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