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5 Steps to Study Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE Preparation

This could be the most likeable article for those students who hates Inorganic chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry (IOC) appears to be one of the most hated subjects among IIT JEE aspirants. The main reason for this is the amount of things pupils have to remember. But guy’s, Inorganic chemistry is also important like Organic and Physical chemistry for IIT JEE exam.  You can’t ignore it. If you are searching for the answer to your questions i.e. “How to mug up Inorganic Chemistry”, “How to study Inorganic Chemistry”, “Best book for Inorganic Chemistry”, “Important topics of Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE exam” and “helpful tips” then this article is purely for you. Here I have mentioned five steps to study Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE Preparation from my own and other’s experience.

Study Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE Preparation


Steps to Study Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE Preparation

Focus in Lecture

The very first step to study inorganic chemistry is focus during lectures of Inorganic Chemistry. You need to give your complete attention as each and every lecture. Inorganic chemistry has its own concept (exceptions are there) like maths which you need to understand during your preparation. And to understand the concept you need to pay attention during your lecture and don’t skip any lecture as it will effect on your upcoming classes. If you have any doubt then ask the teacher then and there only as some students hesitate in asking their doubts and later they waste their effort and time to understand the same concept again. Do prepare good notes and have a separate copy for Inorganic Chemistry. If you follow the first step than your 50% of the work is done.

Understanding of Concept

If you have skipped any important lecture of Inorganic chemistry or any of your doubt is not clear then you need to do self-study of that particular topic. If it is possible then you can take help from your respective teacher and ask them to teach that same topic again by giving you some extra time. If this is not possible then you can take help from YouTube Videos. Watch the teaching lecture videos of professors of few good universities and institutes. It is scientifically proved that the things we see remains in our mind longer than the things we read.


Like other subjects you need to revise inorganic chemistry also after your classes. Try to solve minimum of 10-15 question related to the topic taught in the class. It will boost up your confidence level.

Mug Up

The main reason why students hate Inorganic chemistry is that Inorganic chemistry require understanding of concept plus mugging up the things. If you have a good memory capacity then it will help you during your Inorganic Chemistry preparation. During your revision of any topic you will find some exception physical and chemical properties, important reactions and other things which you need to remember and for which you do not require any prescribed concept. So just note them down in A4 sheet line by line. Now there are two ways to mug up those important things. First technique or way to mug up important things in Inorganic chemistry which most of the student follow and is suggested by teachers is writing the same for 3-5 times and you will remember the things by heart for a long time. The second way that I followed to save time is paste that A4 size sheet near your bed and whenever you go to sleep, or whenever you wake up, and you sit idle nearby bed, just read those things. You just capture the photo of text written on that sheet in your mind. You can also follow any of them and the best will be if you follow both the two ways to mug up the things.

Periodic Table

The base of Inorganic chemistry is Periodic Table and many of the concepts of Inorganic Chemistry can be derived from Periodic Table. Physical and Chemistry properties of elements are important from an exam point of view. Just mug up the periodic table and one can master in Inorganic Chemistry. It will take time to mug up the periodic table and it’s not an easy job. The best way to mug up anything is through a song of those things that is what done in this video. You can take help from the below shared YouTube Video to learn the Periodic Table in an easy way.


Note :-

  • Want to know about the world’s best book to study Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE Preparation?? The answer is “NCERT of Class 11th & 12th”. Each and every line of NCERT is important. I am not saying that NCERT is enough for IIT JEE preparation but you can start from NCERT and then refer to other books.
  • Learn all the exceptions and specialities of all the elements. You can be asked direct questions in your IIT JEE exam.
  • Pay extra attention to co-ordination compounds and d-block elements. Co-ordination Compounds is the most important chapter of Inorganic chemistry and you will definitely find a question in your IIT JEE exam.
  • Learn the geometry of compounds.
  • The best time to learn the things of Inorganic Chemistry is early in the morning. Wake up early in the morning at 5 or 6 and try to learn the things.
  • Don’t forget to solve previous year’s question of IIT JEE.
  • Don’t proceed if you aren’t thorough in your concepts.

Hope you like the article and please don’t forget to share with your mates who are struggling with Inorganic Chemistry. Feel free to ask any of your doubt, query via comments. I would love to answer them. Till than wait for my upcoming article. Good luck 🙂

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