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Get Detailed IIT JEE Main 2015 Maths Syllabus

IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced are the two exam which one need to clear to get a seat in college like IIT.The next IIT JEE Main is going to conduct by Central Board of Secondary Education in the first half of 2015 year.Most of the aspiring students are preparing for the exam and engineeringfunday is here to help you out in your doubts and queries.

Most of the students find that IIT JEE level mathematics is really very hard but from previous 2-3 years the difficulty level is changing.As now IIT is focusing mainly on checking the concept of students hence the problem in mathematics are slightly easier than the previous year.No doubt saying that you can find a difficult question from every 4 question but if your concept is clear and you have a good practice over mathematics than you can easily crack the question of IIT JEE Main and Advanced level.

Here to help you out a little bit i have already written an article regarding IIT JEE Main Maths Syllabus with some tips as most of you (those who are going to give IIT JEE Main in 2015) might be searching for the IIT JEE Main 2015 Maths Syllabus.The syllabus for IIT JEE Main 2015 is same as it was on 2014 and to get the syllabus all you need to do is click on the below link and you will be directed to the syllabus.

IIT JEE Main 2015 Maths Syllabus

IIT JEE Main 2015 Maths Syllabus 

Tips :-

  • Most of you have heard about the quote “Practice Makes A Man Perfect” and this is what applied in Mathematics.The more you practice that more prefection you get and the better rank you achieve.So after reading a topic practice as much as you can.
  • Most of the students in their earlier days of preparation are excited that they focus more on theory part of mathematics which is one of the major reason they dont get good marks in their coaching tests and than they get demotivate and think that getting a seat in IIT is not in their hand.But the fact is all your concept will be clear if you practice mathematics which includes question of every type.So instead of focusing on reading theory part try to focus more on question of mathematics and you will surely get good result.
  • If you find difficulty in any topic of Mathematics than you can also wath the video tutorial on youtube of various professors of different coaching teaching their best way so that a student understand.
  • If you find than you can also solve the question paper of some of the good coaching centres.
  • Also don’t forget to solve the last 35 years chapterwise question.You will find the books regarding 35 yerars question in market or you can order it online with 14% discount —> 
  • And one of the most important tips is study mathematics subject on daily basis than only your study will give you a good result.As some of the students are in a habbit of studying mathematics subject only 1-2 days of a week or studying the subject whole day once in a week.

So this is my part.I will add more tips in future.If you guys having any type of query than feel free to ask in comments i would love to answer them to the best of my knowledge.So best of luck for your preparation.Till than stay tuned to engineering funday on Facebook, Twitter. 🙂

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