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Get Detailed IIT JEE Main 2015 Physics Syllabus

Every engineering students want to take admission in one of the best colleges of engineering i.e IITs, NITs etc.But before that they need to qualify for two exams i.e IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced.IIT JEE Main (previously known as AIEEE) is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and IIT JEE Advanced is conducted by Indian Institute of Technology.Next IIT JEE Main is going to conduct by CBSE in the year 2015 and students might be searching for the IIT JEE Main 2015 Physics Syllabus so that they can prepare for the examination.

The syllabus of IIT JEE Main 2015 of Physics is same as it was on previous year.And i have already share the article regarding that.To get the IIT JEE Main 2015 Physics Syllabus click on the underline link and download it for free.Also below are some tips which will help you in your preparation for IIT JEE Main Physics Subject.

IIT JEE Main 2015 Physics Syllabus


IIT JEE Main 2015 Physics Syllabus

Tips :-

  • The 12th Class topic of Physics are comparatively easy and scoring than 11th Class topic.So try to focus more on 12th Class topics especially on Optics(one of the scoring and easy topic).
  • H.C Verma is considered to be one of the best books for your IIT JEE and other engineering exam preparation by thousands of students and teachers.
  • Physics is considered to be the second most scoring subject after chemistry so to get a better score.
  • Dont forget to solve the previous years IIT JEE Question of Physics.You will get the idea about the difficulty of question and pattern.
  • If you find difficulty in any of the topic of physics than you can also watch the video tutorial on Youtube by various professors of different coaching centre and IITs.
  • In the last few months of your exam you can leave the topic which is untouched by you.And try to practice one which you have studied.(many students do the mistake that they try to study a new chapter in their last days of preparation).
  • Most of you might have heard about the book named “Igor Irodov” and might be thinking to solve it.As it is one of the book which have difficult question but what i and most of the professors suggest that dont go for it.Yes !! H.C Verma is enogh if you solve it by your own.After the year 2000 IIT dont ask too much difficult question the main aim is to test your concept which can be tested by an average question.From 19883-2000 the question are really very tough.So to save your time try to solve H.C Verma.But if you really want to solve it than you can go for it after completing H.C Verma unless dont.
  • If  you can find than try to solve the question of test series of institute like Vidyamandir,FIITJEE and Narayana.And i think you can easily find them on internet.Otherwise i will try to find and upload on engineering funday.
  • One of the biggest mistake that usually students do thay they try to cover 2-3 chapter of physics on single day of the week.Means they dedicate 1-2 day of the week to physics and in these days they only study physics.And this is where they are lack.Try to study all the three subject that is physics, chemistry and mathematics daily i.e if your study plan is of 6 hours a day than give 2 hours to each and every subject.

So this is my part.If you guys having any type of query than feel free to ask in comments i would love to answer them within 48 hours to the best of my knowledge.So best of luck for your preparation.Till than stay tuned to engineering funday on Facebook, Twitter. 🙂

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