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Free Download – IIT JEE Mains 2013 Question Paper With Solutions PDF

IIT JEE Mains 2014 Examination is going to take place on 6th April 2014 for the students those who are willing to give it through offline mode and those who have applied for online mode will have their exam on one of the following dates  9,10,12,19 April 2014 according to the choices filled by the candidates.IIT JEE Main examination is conducted by JAB(Joint Admission Board).Around 1.5 lakhs students will be selected for the IIT Jee Advanced Exmination 2014.

As practice makes a man perfect and IIT JEE is believed to be one of the toughest examination among competitive exam not only in India but across the nation too.Students might be searching for previous year iit jee mains question paper and thier solution so that they can have idea about the pattern, distribution of marks, time management,difficulty level and to make themselve ready for the exam.Here have have provided a PDF File for aspirants which include the IIT JEE Mains Previous year i.e 2014 year Question Paper and its solution.You can download it from here.

Tip :- Firstly solve the questions own your own and note the time you took to solve the whole question paper.Lear the time management from this.After that you can see the answers.Through this you will decide where you stand among 10+ lakhs students.

IIT JEE Mains 2013 Question Paper With Solutions PDF


IIT JEE Mains 2013 Question Paper With Solutions PDF

IIT JEE Mains 2013 Question Paper Solution PDF is given by FIITJEE which is known to be among  the top coaching centre in India for competitive exam.Below is the link of that PDF where you will find the JEE Mains 2013 Question and its Solutions.

IIT JEE Mains 2013 Question Paper With Solutions PDF

You can also download the PDF. Here are the steps…..

:- Click on the Link Given Below
:- Now right click on any of the page and click on the option “Save As”
:-Choose the destination where you want to save.
:- Than click on “Save” option.
:-You are Done

Tip :- In any of the competitive exam like IIT JEE Main or IIT JEE Advance first try to solve those question which you think that you can solve them within very less time and with one attempt only.

Tip :- Solve that section first in which you have good command.For exam if you are too good in Chemistry than solve the Chemistry section First than proceed with Matchs or Physics according to your interest.

Tip :- If your chemistry is not too good and not too bad than try to focus on it as chemistry is believed to be the best scoring subject and not much time consuming.

Tip :- Do take proper rest before the exam night.If you dont than dont expect good from you on the day of exam.As a mind needs full rest before examination.

In this article along with the PDF of JEE Mains 2013 Question Paper i have also provided some of the tips which will help the students and will clear some of their doubts and queries.If in cast you have any typs of query or doubt in your mind than feel free to ask me via comments.Do share this article if you find it interesting and helpful.

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