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Top 3 IIT JEE Preparation Books for Physics

There are hell lot of books for IIT JEE Physics preparation in the market but it is not possible to read them all. If you are struggling with IIT JEE Physics preparation than we have top 3 IIT JEE Preparation books for physics subject. Just go through the article and select which one suits you best.

IIT JEE Preparation Books for Physics

IIT JEE Preparation Books for Physics 

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma (Volume I & II) :-

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma is the best Physics book for IIT JEE Preparation suggested by thousands of teachers and appreciated by lakhs of students across India. The book is for the students those who have completed their 10th class and wish to appear for IIT JEE. Concepts of physics have two parts namely Volume I and II which consists of class 11th and 12th chapter respectively. Below are the features which make Concepts of Physics by HC Verma best book for IIT JEE preparation :-

  • HC Verma as Author: – HC Verma is an Indian experimental physicist in the department of Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India since 1994. His is known worldwide for its physics education and research in nuclear physics.
  • Brief theory: – If your concepts are clear and want to revise them than HC Verma contains the theory briefly. You will be able to revise the formulas, concepts in very less time. But note that don’t read the book for theory purpose only.
  • Level wise Approach: – The book has level wise question related to concepts so that you could recollect the topics. Level wise question makes your concept vivid.
  • Challenging numericals: – The main reason why HC Verma is considered as the best book for IIT JEE preparation is due to its challenging numericals. The numericals are divided into two parts namely Part I and Part II. Where part I consist of question directly based on the concept and require no or less calculation and can be solved within a minute giving mind a teaser. Whereas Part II consists of questions which are challenging. The difficulty of the question in Part II section increases as you go towards end. The numericals will boost your thinking capacity and help you to analyse problems in much logical way. As theory won’t make your concept strong you need to practice question related to that to boost your confidence and to strengthen your concept and this is what HC Verma tries to do with his book.

If you are thinking to go with H.C Verma and want to purchase both of its parts than its better to purchase online as some online website provides great discount Buy Concepts of Physics Volume 1 and Buy Concepts of Physics Volume 2 PB HC Verma from Flipkart which is offering 14% discount on both the books.

Arihant Physics by D.C. Pandey 6th Edition:-

Arihant Physics by D.C Pandey is yet another famous book after concepts of Physics by H.C Verma for competitive exams preparation. The book focuses on IIT, Boards and AIPMT preparation and is most popular for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The book contain chapters of class 11th and class 12th. Below are the reasons which make Arihant Physics one of the best books for IIT JEE Preparation.

  • C Pandey as Author: – D.C Pandey is well known Author of Arihant Series and worldly known for its cutting edge knowledge and experience.
  • Hell of Numericals: – You will find hell lot of problems (4000+) in DC Pandey. It contain problem of each and every type which you can practice to strengthen your concepts. Note that these books are only meant for practice purpose and are not good for understanding the concepts.
  • Level wise Approach: – DC Pandey tried his best to deliver the best among the students by dividing each and every chapter into three levels that are level I, level II and level III. The chapter starts with the introduction followed by brief theory of the concepts and then some solved examples with explanation. Then author designed Level-I assignment which has very basic conceptual problems. In Level-II question related to IIT JEE level problems. After completing both the level you will be redirected to Level-III which is the difficult level among all as the problem given in Level-III not only requires concepts but also a lot of brain work. Solving level wise problems will boost up your confidence level which is very much important for IIT JEE Exam.
  • Brief Theory: – Like H.C Verma some students consider D.C Pandey good for revision purpose as it contains brief theory of all the concepts. So you can use these books for revision purpose also.
  • Previous Year’s Question: – D.C Pandey also includes previous years question in its level-II assignment.

You can  Buy New Pattern Physics(IIT JEE) by D.C Pandey which is the latest edition at reasonable cost.

Physics by Resnick Halliday (Volume I & II):-

The books have two parts namely Volume I and Volume II and frankly speaking, I didn’t use Physics by Resnick Halliday for my preparation but after reading the reviews I think it might be a good book for IIT JEE Physics preparation. So here I am sharing the experience of other about Resnick Halliday.

According to the review the book offers hands on understanding of fundamental physics concepts, helping readers apply this conceptual knowledge for quantitative problem solving. It also includes end-of-chapter problems, ‘Chapter Puzzlers’, and problem solving tactics that help beginning Physics Students solve problems and avoid common error.

Review by a reader:-

IIT JEE Preparation Books for Physics


The combined cost of Physics by Resnick Halliday  Vol-1 & Vol-2 is expensive than other two books but still some student prefer Resnick Halliday for their physics preparation. You can also Buy Physics by Resnick Halliday


  • Only prefer the above mentioned books when you are clear with your concepts.
  • Don’t follow any of the books blindly for theory purpose but for practice purpose all the three above mentioned books are perfect.
  • If you are confuse which book to choose than choose H.C Verma if you are at the beginning or middle of your preparation and if you are at the end of preparation than I think D.C Pandey is better option.
  • Each and every book has solved examples which you have to understand and solve yourself also. They are not only meant to be read.
  • Most of you might have heard about I E Irodov and I suggest you all not to go with it because it is the most difficult book of physics. IIT JEE didn’t ask difficult problems from past 5 years and in future you will not find any tough problem. Their main focus now-a-days is to check the concept of student. Even after having a clear concept if you approach the problems of I E Irodov directly you will not able to solve most of its problem and your confidence level will drop instantly. So don’t waste your time on it.
  • Physics by Resnick Halliday is expensive among all three so most of the students don’t prefer it.

If you have any query than feel free to contact via comments. We would love to answers your questions/queries. Do share the article with your friends and class mates to help them. Till than wait for upcoming article. Good luck 🙂

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