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NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions Chapter-2 Solutions to Intext Questions

In my previous article i have shared the solution of “The Solid State” Chapter of class 12th NCERT Book with some important points that helps with your preparation. This article share about NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solutions Chapter Solution. Which is chapter number 2 in the NCERT book after “The solid State”. The answers are provided below in the photo form and you can easily download them for your studies. Just click on the below link and you will find images from 1 to 82 which have the solution to all the intext question of NCERT. One YouTube video is also shared below which you can download easily. Do watch the video in high quality for better clarity. The answer provides the full explanation so that anyone can understand the solution. Below are some important note for our readers. .


  • The chapter is very much important from exam point of view that may be competitive exam like IIT Main, BITSAT etc.
  • If you are preparing for competitive exam than you can find a question directly based on formula from “Solutions” chapter.
  • The chapter needs little bit of understanding and you can easily get command on it.
  • Your board exam also contain minimum of one question from this chapter in 2,3 marks question.
  • I suggest you to first complete the chapter from NCERT book only than switch to any other book for advance study.


NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solution Chapter Solutions



NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Solution Video

So these are the answers of NCERT Chemistry Solution Chapter 2 intext question. For more updates like engineeringfunday on facebook, follow on twitter.


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