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Top 5 IIT JEE Main 2017 Preparation Tips

We all see some dreams and it needs a long pegging away to turn those dreams into reality. Dr APJ once said “Dream is not which you see while you sleep, it is something which doesn’t let you sleep”. Every engineering aspirant dreams of getting into IIT which comes second to none when we talk about reputed engineering colleges in our nation.

But is it so facile to get into it. Off course not, it need rigorous toiling. But here we are presenting some tips which can be propitious and an additional advantage to all candidates preparing for IIT:

Top 5 IIT JEE Main 2017 Preparation Tips

Top 5 IIT JEE Main 2017 Preparation Tips

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Selecting Good Coaching Centre

Coaching centre plays an important role in selection along with individual’s personal efforts. They form a solid base in preparation which acts as a ladder in climbing up for success.

Here are some tips which a student should take care of before opting for any coaching class

  • Not all coaching classes proves beneficiary and sometimes they put attractive holdings and boarding to enroll more and more candidates and fill up their seats so it is advisable for all the aspirants to do proper R&D of the institute before admitting into it, you can have word with the ex-students or the present students who can give a clear picture of the scenario.
  • Go for the ones which take regular tests so that student can easily judge his/her preparation and can take action timely.
  • If the coaching class gives separate doubt class it would be like butter on both sides of the

Bread as it will clarify the doubts and also gives clasp on that topic.

How to Find Best Coaching Centre for IIT JEE Preparation

Regular Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect”, it holds true in this context too as regular practicing will make each and every concept clear and time to complete it would get reduced too. Regular practicing would be much effective if the candidate

  • Give time to each subject as it will make grasp more powerful.
  • Make your own time table and follow it thoroughly, every individual has different capabilities so making of own timetable will be beneficial as the student can devote the time as required for proper preparation.

Selection Of Topics

Topic selection is of utmost importance in preparation. It is advisable for everyone to select those topics first which are of more weight age as completing those topics will ensure maximum marks.

  • For average students, it is preferable to study and prepare those topics first which are more scoring.

Don’t Get Distracted

For optimum preparation along with clear understanding of the topic focusing towards right direction to achieve your goal is also essential.

  • Study Material

Choose wisely your study material, don’t get yourself distracted from the track due to rumors. Stay loyal towards the study material of the coaching center which you have chosen for yourself.

Once it gets completed you may go for test series of some other institutes as practicing and solving more questions will definitely improve your score. It would be absolute vain if before clear understanding of the topics, going to various course materials.

  • Reference Books

Reference books are for reference only don’t get over dependent on that.  Every student should keep in mind that the basic concepts and every topic should be made clear in his/her mind this itself is much helpful rather than considering numerous reference books which would create utter confusion in one’s mind.


It has been observed that students or teenagers do get distracted due to various factors one of those factors is relationship which is quite obvious at this age but a sincere student should focus on his performance and result first rather than any other thing. A ruined career would always lay obstacles in his/her future.

Work Hard

Last but not the least just work hard so that you can enjoy the fruits of success afterward and it is a very well known fact that hard work is the key to success so keep it in mind that no shortcut can lead a successful future.  If the aspirant work hard towards right direction all the above mentioned tips would be very beneficiary to clear the JEE Main and making your dream comes true.

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