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Top 5 Tips to Crack IIT JEE Main/Advanced Exam

Tips to crack the IIT-JEE Exam


It is a well-known fact amongst students, that the Joint Entrance Exam for Indian Institute of Technology is undoubtedly one of the most difficult engineering exams. Students usually require months of preparation and mostly take the assistance of some reputed JEE coaching institutes around the country to crack this exam.

Importance of IIT-JEE:

There are also many students who possess confidence in their own ability and aptitude to crack IIT Jee exam without the guidance (sometimes too expensive) of these coaching centers and institutes. So for helping students out, here are a few important pointers from our experts on how to crack IIT-JEE.

As I also have been through the grind of preparing myself for this much dreaded exam, I can very well understand the anxiety and stress this exam can cause among students. Most young students fail to realize that their preparation and performance on this very exam is the key element that will define their careers and their lives within the next few years. Like me many find themselves prepping for this entrance test just like any other exam because their parents want them to sit for the exam, without realizing its importance.

In the previous year, 13 Lakhs of students appeared for the IIT – JEE for only 9500 seats in total in all 17 IITs of the country. Each and every student does the best they can to grab one of these few special seats in the IITs of India. According to latest research, it has been noted that more than 70 percent of a student’s performance in an exam depends on his/her preparation based on self-study and practice. So students need to be wise in planning their study schedule and pairing it with the right kind of resources and materials at the right time. One can also make smart use of intelligent tools that are on offer nowadays, like online practice platforms, analytics and practice tests.

Tips to crack the IIT-JEE Exam:

Stay focused

It is important for students to have PMA i.e. Positive Mental Attitude towards their goal. Definitely the competition is very high these days. But you must remain focused and raise the level of your performance with tremendous efforts both physically and mentally.

Proper Study Plan

As suggested by former IITians, 6 months is long enough for preparing for your IIT JEE, but only so, if you have a well thought out study plan. Planning anything practical requires in-depth thinking and research and can be considered an art. It might be prudent to break large bulk of work into small manageable chunks so that you can manage your preparations stress-free with ease. Your plan should incorporate your daily time-table in an executable way without becoming too much of a burden.The topics you find hard should be given more time, and make sure you a buffer time in between your preparations to be able to follow your study regime efficiently.

Reference Books

Do not refer to too many books: a trend that is seen in numerous students is their referring to too many books on the same topic. Understand that all books convey the same basic concept and only contribute towards making students confused during their time of revision. You should have only one or two go-to books to solve your last minute doubts and queries. Ask your seniors and teachers for the best and most effective books in the market.

Strengths & Weakness

Have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses: each and every student has a specific set of strengths and weaknesses. You must have a clear cut idea about your weaknesses to identify your strengths. The best exam strategy that experts suggest is to play to your strengths and sail through your weaker points. You should use your strengths to keep yourself motivated. A wise thing to do can be assessing yourself occasionally to understand and identify the areas that you need to work on.


Tricky Question

Always read the questions with caution: the main thing what makes IIT questions difficult is the fact that examiners try to puzzle the students with confusing questions and options. We suggest that you read every question thoroughly to understand exactly what is asked of you and then mark the answers with optimum concentration. This is especially applicable for questions that seem like they have more than one correct answer in the options. Also do not waste your time on question that appears too difficult for you. It is not necessary that one should answer each question in the order given in the paper.

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Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. The current article talks about cracking JEE Exam. She also has keen interest in advising students about things they can do once done with the exam like predicting the JEE Main rank, choosing the right college and admission procedures. You can follow her on G+

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