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USSCGroup.in Review l Real Truth behind Fraud Company

Guys most of you are searching for a part time job or part time work which you can manage from home and might have come across USSCGroup.in. May be through their advertisement and reference. Or many or you are a victim of the company like me. What is USSCGroup ?? It is Fraud ?? Can you trust on it ?? “USSCGroup service is a data typing company based in India which provides you with the work load of 2000 forms which you have to fill within a period of 15 days and you will get a total of 36,000-40,000 rs (20rs/per page) if 90% i.e. 1800 forms are filled correctly. There is a registration fee of rs 3000. And if your 90% of the forms are correct than only you will get the payment+3000 rs registration fee back.” But guys it is totally a FRAUD COMPANY. You will not get even a single penny from USSCGROUP. Let me tell you my story and you will get to know how this company trap people (especially students).

I get to know about USSCGroup.in through an advertisement in newspaper while I was searching for a part time work. I called on the company number and asked to fix an appointment. I went to their Delhi address “Flat No. 3-G, Gopala Tower, Rajendra Place, New Delhi.” and get to know that I need to deposit 3000 rs as a registration fee which will be refunded only when my 90% of the forms are filled correctly along with the payment i.e. 20rs/page. I was fascinated with four figure income and decided to enroll myself into it as I have a good typing speed. If you calculate than you have to completed around 135 forms correctly to complete the task within provided time limit. Each form have 20 column which you need to fill and belief me it takes at least 5-6 minutes to complete a form correctly if your typing speed is good which means 5-6 hours of hark work daily in front of your PC. I got username and password through which I have to login on their official website USSCGroup.in and fill the forms.

After 2-3 days I got mail from the company with more terms and condition and one condition that find awkward is that “account will be terminated 10 days after the final date”(may be the client don’t have any witness to prove that company is wrong). I put my 100% efforts and work day and night to complete the work as I have borrowed those 3000 rs from my friend and have to return it.  After the completion of 2000 I have to download a PDF comprising all the forms and mail to their helpline email id. I did the same. After one day I got a mail saying that your QC REPORT is out and you FAILED in completion of 90% forms correctly as your 471 forms are incorrect. I was totally shocked because I was full confident that more than 90% of the forms will be correct because I have checked each and every form twice.

Then I compared the my forms with the report form and get to know that my QC REPORT IS WRONG. I immediately called the Delhi office and get the phone number of QC team where I told about the wrong QC report. They keep on giving excuse like sir we will check it again, sir we will call you tomorrow with correct report and finally their answer was “we are sorry your forms are wrong, we can’t do anything about it”. Till now many of you thinks that might be I was wrong and I had really done some mistakes in filling forms so guys below I have shared 2 screen shot which will tell you the truth about their wrong report and how USSCGroup.in trap people who are looking for a part time job.




I have uploaded two form out of 471 where they have found wrong mistakes. There is not mistake at all. In the same manner the company treat everyone. After submission they even changed some of the alphabets and marked the form wrong.

This is not only the case with me. Here is the screen shot of the people with their reviews about the company.


Now I am going to consumer court and file a complaint against this fraud company. Belief me guys even after reading this article you will visit their office the receptionist over there will change your mind completely. Because this happened with me also. I already read the bad reviews about the company (by screenshot just shared above) but after that I went to their office to find out more and I met their receptionist who is expert in changing the mind as they have 2-3 perfect lines to proof them right.

For your information the company have offices in:-

  • Maharashtra with address “Office NO. 402, Marathon Max, Junciton of L.B.S Road & Mulund(West), Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad – D-907, Ganesh Meridian, Opposite Gujarat High Court, S.G. Road, Ahmedabad – 380060.
  • Office – 1212, Royal Trade Center, Opp. Star Bazar, Adajan Hazira Road, Adajan, Surat.

So it’s my humble respect to you guys that don’t get into the trap of these fraud companies who offer form filling work, typing work and ask for registration fee first otherwise in order to earn more you will loose your 3000 bucks. Also there are companies who offer you services that they will fill your form for rs 4-5, they are also fraud.

About Yogesh

Yogesh is an engineering student pursuing his B.Tech degree from NIT Delhi.The guy is a part time blogger who tries to help the IIT aspirants to best of his knowledge. A fun loving guy with lots of dreams.


  1. hey thanx ..they contacted me as well …..i was about to visit them but u saved so many students like us ….thanx a lot mate

  2. i also lost my time and money don’t do work with ussc group

  3. thanks bro i was going but now never.

  4. Not going now hehe ? thank you bro..

  5. heyyy,
    really this group also called me at surat office
    give guidance
    n terms & conditions

    but my parents explain me
    5-6 hour work n they give you 40,000₹
    it’s not possible

    please friends
    it’s totally fraud

    no waste your money n time please

  6. yesterday i got the call for dataentry work they told me for medical form entry and they told me please come office first then they give work …but due to this post and research thanks for saving my time and money ..thanks

  7. Hey bro thank you so much for the information… They contacted me yesterday with exactly same work but with different name of the company… I was contacted by infinity solutions (www.infinitysol.in) asking me to pay 5200 rs as security amount.. And the address I visited was exactly same that you mentioned for Mumbai office… Thank you once again for saving my money.. 🙂

      • hi i have done this process with infinitysol.in but i a have not pay money but they done some agreement with them i have not sign this but they send 1 otp to me and i have share that with then.
        i have provided my adhar card copy.
        now they are telling me to pay 5100 otherwise they will take legal action.
        need your help yar. kya mujhe pay karna chhiye koi legal action le sakte h kya wo.

  8. this company is 100% fraud…..

  9. Thanks friend for uploading the review of the company as I had received a text and was asked to visit the above said address.

    Thanks again for saving my time and money. God bless u.

  10. thank you very much for the information.
    i have visited its mumbai office yesterday only.
    they have asked for 500o rs and same as u said 2000 forms in 15 days.
    even annual package of 7000 rs is also there.
    but I was having a doubt in company as amount was big and one more thing that no company ask to pay money to get job.

    stay alert friends and post more about this fraud company.

  11. hi friends even I had became a victim towards this plz dont do this job

  12. Thanks a lot bro for save my money and time as well.

  13. Hey,Bro thank for providing this information ,i am having doubt earlier but confused.but you cleared my doubt. thank you very much.

  14. Brother! I was just about to visit them and before I did I saw your post. Thanks a lot dear. God bless you. Even I thought right from the start that they are doing something fishy.

  15. i also worked for them and i do agree with you they are fraudsters

  16. Thanks a lot for providing this information, They contact me today with exactly same work. Thanks once again i was going on Saturday but now never.

  17. Yesterday i also visited to their mulund office. They showed me two plans to get high amount of money with in part time. So thanks budies for your guidance & important information….

  18. I lost my time and money, it’s a fraud compony.

  19. Did you guys receive the same MAIL as i”ve received now ?

    I read about this (INFINITY SOLUTIONS) fraud company after investing my money ….i was unaware about this .
    ive just completed 300 forms and now thinking what to do ?? shall i continue or not ?
    I think we must take some action on this! Yaar inko Media me late hai pol toh khulni chahiye …ye toh achese loot rage hai ..aur koi needy isme stuck na ho jaye .. humare pass proof bhi hai toh dikha sakte hai ..
    what do you guys say ? paise gaye to gaye … ya fir mil bhi sakte hai !!!

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We run a typing center where we do all typing jobs, private or government at very low price. We are associated with many companies and are working on many government projects. We have completed projects of HSADM (Haryana State Agricultural Developement Ministry), NABARD and UP West (Gramin Krishi Sahyog Yojna). In all of these projects all the typing jobs were taken care completed by us.

    We have a mastery in typing from last 10 years….our organization which started with a cyber cafe and computer institue is now a total 2500 seater typing centre located and distributed in almost all the parts of EASTERN INDIA. We do have our freelancers in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi who work from home.

    If you assign any typing work to us, we can make sure that the job is done on time.

    We are associated with Infinity or ussc Group or Prism Infotech or Apex Enterprise or Sanso Enterprise…., that is presently working on US Health Care Form Filling Project. In starting we were planning to take the project from infinity or ussc Group or Prism Infotech or Apex or Sanso enterprise ….but however due to their deposit terms we were not able to enter into agreement.

    We thought instead of paying lacs of deposit to them lets contact the users like you and request you to give us a chance to serve you. And hence we drafted a proposal that is beneficial for both of us.

    We will type all your forms for Rs 5/- per form. Its upto you how many forms you give to us. 500, 1000, 1500, or whole 2000. You can be assured about the accuracy and time.

    Minimum 500 forms are compulsory. Only Advance Payment. And no negotiations please as we are working already at 1/4th rate of what you will get from infinity or ussc Group or Prism Infotech or apex or
    We hope that you will give us a chance to work for you. We assure you we will always be serving you….

    Following is the banking details,

    Account Name: Pragya Consultancy
    Account No :915020051531459
    IFSC CODE :UTIB0000047

    Kamlesh Jain
    Pragya consultancy Services

    • Riddhi umrotkar where r u from….?
      i also on same position like u

      • From Mumbai.. And you? Even you’re victim?

      • Dear all

        Please be aware of this company Infinity Solution. In the beginning they will try to woo you by showing glossy dreams. But the actual truth is way beyond.
        Their support staff is also very rude and disrespectful. Just right now (14th Feb 2017)
        When I call to office to get the QC they told me that human errors are accepted but once I submitted my work they had forget all their words and reject complete 3000 forms by giving foolish reasons. And when i had tried to contact them for discussing the issue they disconnected my call in between the conversation without giving any valid reason.
        They blushed using Gmail whether they are saying we are running this company from last 8 year. Why they are not maintain own mailing server. IT support always giving nonsense answers.
        I am completed my work twice. But always they giving excuse and tell only my mistakes and stop the payments. I am spend 21000 and lot of efforts but getting only tension. No refund. No payment.
        In the end all I can say is that I have wasted lot of time and money. So it is my suggestion do not come under the influence of their executive because this is nothing but a fraud company.

        Sunil Kumar
        8561832530 (Whatsapp)

    • Please contact with me I have currently fledge with this guys this is my number 9106531059

  20. I got call from a girl named Bhoomi who claimed to be calling from INFINITY SOLUTIONS.
    she told me about their offerings 10 rs per form filling which hardly takes 2-3 min.
    I will get 3000 forms for a month and I can earn 25-30k per month
    I asked her to send their address and was thinking to visit their mulund office today

    I had doubt about their genuineness, and I came across this post while surfing.

    I m really grateful to you


  21. Hey, thank you so much for such reviews.
    i was also going to work with this company but they didnt demand for any money. so i decided to work.
    but they told me that if there is any mistake in the forms, i will have to pay 5100 Rs.
    finally after these reviews m not at all willing to work with this company.

  22. The Infinity Solution
    Address:H.NO 1/98/A-1/B, GRND FLOOR, GOLANDAZ, ST, NANPURA, SURAT 395001 Gujarat, India.
    Phone: 0261-2478040
    Email # :help4ff@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.infinitysol.in
    It is fraud or not?

  23. Dear friends,
    This company is asking me to pay 5100rs.but i am not yet start their work..now only i am know about this infinity group is a fraud company.i am saying to them i will not pay to your company….but they are saying that you are accrpted our agreement..so you have to pay….now what can i do friends..please tell me..

  24. this is fack company.

  25. What I do if they take legal action I will pay or not their money

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