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10+ Reasons Why Coaching is Necessary for IIT JEE Preparation

Recently I wrote an article on “How to find the best coaching centre for IIT JEE preparation” but after a lot off survey and reading the comments of students I got to know that many of the students have this question in mind “Is Coaching really necessary for IIT JEE Exam preparation”. There are students who can crack IIT JEE Main and Advanced without coaching classes but guys those students are really very studious. They have determination, courage, support (support may be from their brother or sister already studying in IIT/other good engineering college) but hardly any of them gets a good rank in IIT JEE. If you look at all the toppers of IIT JEE Exam than you will find that 99% of them have registered themselves in some of the coaching classes.

If you are searching for “Why coaching is necessary is for IIT JEE Preparation” then you are at right place. Here I will share the reasons why students opt for coaching classes rather than doing self-study.

Why Coaching is necessary for IIT JEE preparation

Why Coaching is necessary for IIT JEE preparation

Experienced Faculty

The very first reason why student join coaching classes is because of Experienced Faculty. You will get a chance to be taught by the teachers with great experience in the field of IIT JEE. In most of the cases the teachers are ex-IITian who got good rank in their IIT JEE Exam. Also those students who passed IIT’s with a good knowledge/pointer prefer to choose their career as a teacher in IIT JEE coaching centre rather than job because they get a handsome salary there. So it will be a bonus for you to be taught by the teachers with great knowledge and experience in that field. If you read the interview of any topper of IIT JEE than you will find that the first thing he/she says is appreciate all his coaching faculty teachers and their support. If you give your 100% during studies the teachers will treat you like their own kid and will give you immense support.

Tips & Tricks

If you have experienced teacher than you will get to know about the tips and tricks of each and every chapter. Teachers know that which topic is important from exam point of view as they have acquaintance to each and every topic which comes in these examination. Also if any topic is not clear to you then you can take help and ask the teachers to teach you that topic again. On the other side if you will do self-study than you are doing hard work in understanding the topic but if any experienced teacher teach you the same topic then he/she can make you understand the topic easily. After that all you need to do is just solve question related to topics. While doing self-study if somehow you don’t understand any topic then at that point of time you will lose hope and confidence which will affect your preparation.

Practice Manual

All the coaching classes provide practice manual with answer keys for their students which are designed by their own experienced faculty members. The practice manual include question from basics to high level with some previous years IIT JEE questions. So there is no need to search for reference books, first complete your manual than you can go for any other good reference books.

Test Series

The best part about coaching classes is regular tests and Test series conducted by the institute to enhance the skills and intelligence of students. Some coaching classes conduct regular test on every Monday of the week and 10-12 test series a year (depending upon coaching to coaching). Test series are similar to IIT JEE Main and Advanced examination. If you perform well then it will boost up your confidence to crack IIT JEE.  And if you opt for self-study than you will not been able check your preparation. You will practice question when you want to.

Tight Schedule

Continuing the above point, most of the students are motivated in the beginning of their preparation and many of them opt for self-study but as the time passes the motivation decreases and they end up doing nothing. They do studies according to their wish; it means they are not regular with their studies. But if you are going for coaching classes you will have a tight schedule of studies even you can design your own time table and you will be more serious about studies and performance. You have to follow a proper schedule for your preparation.

Studious Environment

Coaching classes will provide you a studious environment which will keep you motivating throughout your preparation. You will sit with the students who are passionate about IIT JEE and which in turn affect your performance. You will not have any other option then to study. Also you will have friends who are too good in studies and even you can take help from them. There will be no distraction from outside and you can fully concentrate on your studies. But if you will do self-study than there might be distraction, you will go for a movie, to play with your local friends and that motivating factor would lag.

You have paid for Classes

Most of the students who are motivated but not passionate about IIT JEE can consider money as a reason to go for coaching classes and study. If you have opted for coaching classes and during your preparation you will be distracted from anything than that “money” factor will drag you towards studies. Believe me at the middle of preparation most of the students got distracted due to one or the other reason and waste their majority of time. But most of them think that their parents had paid money for classes and they are enjoying. This act as an emotional touch and they again get back on the track. Because we value the money of our parents. But if you will do self-study than there might be a case that you will think that I can postponed my preparation for a month or so and enjoy a little bit.


No doubt saying that students are motivated as well as passionate at the beginning of their preparation. The reason can

  • They are impressed by the salary package offered by companies to IIT
  • Infrastructure of IIT
  • They see IIT as a platform to enhance their talent

But after some time there are few left with both motivation and passion. One has to be passionate and motivated during his/her preparation for IIT JEE and that comes from studious environment, good teaching faculty, parents support and tight schedule only.


Most of the students who begin their preparation don’t know form where and how to start their preparation but coaching classes will give you kick start and open a path for you which you have to follow. If you join coaching classes than each and every day of your classes is planned that include regular test, test series, doubt clearing session everything. But you have to give your 100% to crack JEE.

Know about Competition & Competitor

Through coaching classes only you will get to know about the competition in IIT JEE, you will know about the competitor and how much hard work you need to do to perform well. Some student lose hope after knowing about the competition but guys if you lose hope then you will end up doing nothing but if you keep motivating yourself than at least you will get a better college then those who left their preparation in the middle.

Infrastructure and Facility

Coaching classes provide you with good infrastructure and facilities which will help you to study well. Even some coaching classes provide room and food at a reasonable cost to the students near to their coaching centre where they can stay and get good quality of meal. Through this you will save your travelling time and you will get instant support.

Final words – These are the reasons why coaching is necessary for IIT JEE preparation. But even after joining coaching classes some students don’t get serious and end up blaming their respective institute. Even after having all the facilities like experience faculty, infrastructure, regular test etc. If you don’t give your 100% than it be impossible for you to crack IIT JEE.

If you have any queries regarding preparation and any other topic than feel free to ask me via comments. I would love to answer them. Till than wait for my next article. Good Luck J


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